Technical service

We guide our customers in the use of the products, if necessary, both by phone and on site.

In this way, we provide our customers with the necessary information for the correct, appropriate, safe and economical use of products.

Advanced blasting services

Drill & Blast optimisation studies as well as Mine to Mill optimisation

Our experts provide support for all blasting related optimisation with a strong practical view. Ask us, how we can add some value to your operations.

Digital detonators: user training & support

In connection with the implementation and use of digital detonators, we work closely with the customer and train key persons in the use of products. If necessary, we are involved in planning, programming and implementation during projects.

We are strongly involved in developing the security of our industry

You can order expertise from our Technical Service to optimise blasting work. The information we provide almost always also improves the safety of the excavation site. For example, we offer blasting design and excavation optimisation using O-Pitblast software.

Fordev-measurement services

The measurement service includes a comprehensive analysis of the excavation site as the base for the charging work. During the measurements both, the topography of the site and the drilling result, will be checked before starting the charging work. Utilising these, 3D modeling can be used to provide the blaster with an accurate situation analysis of the blasting field to support the planning of the charging work.

Measurement service includes:

  • hole deviation measurement with Fordev measurement system
  • wall scanning
  • hole location and
  • reporting from the customer’s excavation site

Measurements are always project-specific and conducted by separate agreement.