O-Pitblast for blast design

FORCIT Explosives is the exclusive retailer of O-Pitblast’s digital blast design software in the Nordic and Baltic countries. O-Pitblast software is designed by experienced explosives experts, which ensures that the end user’s needs have been taken into account in all features of the software.

O-Pitblast is made to be used

User-friendly, fast and effortless solutions are a must in the constantly developing digital world. These qualities can also be used to describe the O-Pitblast software with its simplistic user interface that makes it possible to create, share and optimise detailed blast plans – whether you are at the office or at the work site.

O-Pitblast features

Upload a 3D-view of your work site and create a detailed blast design that you can optimise by utilising the software’s diverse analytical tools. You can determine the size and placing of the boreholes as well as what kind of explosives you want to use and what the timing looks like for your blast.

O-Pitblast software has several strengths but some of the more significant ones are the analytical tools that allow prediction of fragmentation patterns as well as vibration effects from a blast. Utilising this data makes it easier to optimise the blast, which of course is essential for better and cost-effective blasts.

You can manage your blast designs easily on the cloud, from where you can download a specific plan or share it with another O-Pitblast user. In addition to the computer software, O-Pitblast also has an iOS mobile app available for smartphones. On the mobile app you can view your blast designs and make changes to specific charges on your work site. Full O-Pitblast system includes the following tools:

  • O-Pitblast blast design software
  • O-Pitblast analytics for project follow-ups
  • O-Pitblast app for real time data on site
  • O-Pitblast drone mapping and fragmentation services

O-Pitblast is part of ForDex tools and all important data between O-Pitblast and other ForDEX tools can be transferred from system to system.

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