Kemiitti 510

Kemiitti 510 is an emulsion explosive doped with ammonium nitrate prills (0–30%) that is chemically sensitised from emulsion matrix at the charging site. The product is manufactured by advanced charging units that transport and blend intermediary products at the charging site. After the product has been mixed, it is pumped through a hose directly into the borehole, where it sensitises into a finished explosive in 10–30 minutes from charging.

Kemiitti 510 is suitable for all kinds of applications in open-cut mining, especially in those operations that require quick charging and/or good water resistance. The product is grease-like in consistency and white or yellowish in colour. Depending on the capacity of raw material containers, 12 to 14 tonnes of finished explosive can be manufactured on the vehicle at once. Local regulations must be taken into consideration when using Kemiitti 510.