The DaveyTronic® SP digital blasting system includes a set of three rugged types of units:

  • 1 hand held remote blaster (DRB), managing testing and firing procedure, communicating remotely with each detonator
  • 2 programming units (PU), identifying and diagnostically testing each detonator on the bench and assigning the delay time
  • 1 compact blast driver (DBD), communication wirelessly the instructions from the remote blaster and providing designed energy to fire up to 1500 detonators per DBD

The high accuracy and reliability of the DaveyTronic® SP detonator significantly improves blast performance.

The Synchroblast™ and Multiblast modes enables larger blasts to further reduce downtime through less blast windows. You can remotely control a network of several blast drivers located at different areas of the mine to fire several blasts simultaneously from a central location.

  • Synchroblast™: up to 4500 detonators for a single location blast
  • Multiblast: up to 5 different blast locations of 1500 detonators each