ANFO products are based on a mix of ammonium nitrate (AN) prills and fuel oil (FO). ANFOs mixed with special additives can lend themselves for use in applications where water resistance or adherence to up-holes is required.

ANFOs are bulk explosives used as a column charge in both open-cut and underground blasting. There are four different types of ANFOs, which are suitable for a variety of conditions and applications.

ANFO is intended to be loaded into dry boreholes. This product is not water resistant, which makes it unsuitable for wet boreholes.
ANFO 800 is less dense than the conventional ANFO, which also translates into a smaller charge concentration.
ANFO WR (AHTI-ANFO) is relatively resistant to moisture. ANFO WR can be loaded into wet holes after pumping out the water.
ANFO UP-HOLE (PITO-ANFO) is specially designed for charging up-holes.

Safety datasheet, ANFO UP-HOLE