We offer the best solutions for your digital needs related to key explosives, giving you ease and flexibility in your work.

ForDEX Forcit Digitalised Excavation Process, developed by us, is a system entity consisting of several digital tools to optimise the overall excavation process. With ForDEX tools, you can plan and monitor the entire drilling and blasting process with even greater accuracy while enjoying a better service experience.

The ForDEX platform is constantly being developed. Currently, ForDEX consists of Forcit Go, VipNordic and O-Pitblast software, as well as advanced batch unit data collection software and a wide range of back-end systems to support analysis and data transfer.

O-Pitblast-design software

O-Pitblast is fully integrated software that supports blasting functions. The software includes the necessary tools:

  • For blast planning
  • For controlling blasting methods
  • To optimise blasting results
  • For explosion data management

Forcit Go

This application offers a flexible way to place your order whenever it suits you best. All orders, delivery documents, invoices, waybills and even download reports are stored in the Forcit Go application on your mobile device.


VipNordic is software for vibration control. VipNordic automatically collects data from seismographs in real time and the end user receives the vibration results directly to their own phone. With VipNordic browser-based software, it is also possible to analyse the results in more detail. To get the most out of the vibration data, it is possible to transfer the extraction vibration results back to O-Pitblast, the explosion planning software, and use this data to improve future explosion plans.

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